Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get stamps?
Every time you buy a crêpe we’ll give you a stamp. To stamp, simply press the ‘Stamp now’ button to bring up a scanner, then hover the scanner over the QR code – shown by our server – in order to ‘stamp’. If successful, a confirmation will appear.

What if I buy few crêpes?
We will award you few scans so you’ll receive all the stamps for your purchase.

What happens if the scan doesn’t work?
If the scan fails, check with your server and try again. You may exit the app and shut it down (from the task manager), then reload it to try again. If that still doesn’t work email us from the ‘We love feedback’ form within the app and choose the ‘Issue with the app’ option.

What are the rewards tiers?
Tiers will be available soon, stay tuned.


Can I manage my Crêpeaffaire Club account online?
Not yet. At the moment the Club is only available as an app.

Which smartphones are supported by the Crêpeaffaire Club app?
Our club app runs on iPhones and Android phones (Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus, Sony etc). We currently do not offer the app for Windows phones and hope to add it later on.

Where can I use the Crêpeaffaire Club app?
You can use the app at most of our locations in the UK. We update the list from time to time and if you want to make sure the specific store supports the Club then simply open the app and search for it in the locations list.

What happens if I change my phone?
No worries. Your account details are all saved remotely (like Gmail and other email services) so you will not lose your credit. Simply download the app to your new phone, then login to retrieve your existing account details.

Why does the app require user location?
Your location helps us determine that you are in store and make sure you receive the credit you deserve.

Who can I contact if I have any issues?
You can email us at, or alternatively send us your question or feedback via the ‘We love feedback’ form within the app.