Free Water Refill Scheme

Posted on October 24, 2018, by Christina Hajineocli
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We’ve joined the water Refill Scheme 🚰

Teaming up with Refill & City to Sea, we now offer free tap water refills for your reusable water bottle across many of our stores. No strings attached!

The Refill movement, which aims to put water refill points on every street in Britain, is helping to keep us all hydrated and free of plastic pollution.

We are delighted to have joined the scheme this month and have a positive impact on the #refillrevolution.

💧 Find our participating stores near you on the Refill app, here! 💦


That’s not all we’re doing to help become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Find out more here:


More about the Water Refill Initiative:

Refill is a free tap water initiative designed to reduce plastic pollution and promote healthy hydration by making refilling a water bottle easy, social and rewarding! There are now over 60 Refill Schemes across the UK and the Refill Revolution has started to roll out internationally, helping to stop millions of plastic bottles at source.

  • Every time you refill your reusable, one less plastic bottle is used.
  • Refilling reduces the carbon emissions from plastic production.

We’ve introduced this scheme across many of our stores to ensure you can stay hydrated easily and to reduce the plastic waste within our local communities.