The Ultimate Nutella Crêpe

Posted on December 3, 2018, by Christina Hajineocli
nutella crepe

Classic Nutella Crêpe just got an upgrade

You: What’s this nutty new recipe all about?

Me: I’m Nutell’ing you, it’s too in-crêpe-able…


…Alright, puns aside, we’ll give the game away!

Brace yourselves, for our New Nutella number is a thing of dreams.


Introducing Crêpeaffaire’s ULTIMATE NUTELLA CRÊPE!

Ft. a naughty portion of Nutella, sugar dust, whipped cream clouds, and a mini Nutella jar (they’re so cute & Instagramable!)

Nutella Crêpe


Sometimes, the classic Nutella pancake doesn’t quite hit the spot. So we’ve conjured up a sweet treat that will satisfy every Nutella crêpe craving.

Not the the faint hearted, this dessert is rich, chocolatey and scrumptious with every mouthful!

Occasions to treat yourself to the Ultimate Nutella Crêpe:


  1. It’s cheat day
  2. You want to show someone you love them
  3. You need a good foodie Instagram
  4. You’re celebrating
  5. Because… you don’t need a reason to eat Nutella


Nuts for Nutella?

Hold the phone… you can have this on a galette, waffle or mini pancakes too!?

That’s right! If you’re a Nutella Fanatic, we got lots of other Nutella treats in store:

  • Classic Nutella crepe or gluten-free galette
  • Mini pancakes with Nutella
  • Nutella waffle
  • Nutella milkshake

You get the idea.


Palm Oil

Did you know? Nutella uses sustainable palm oil in their products:

Crêpeaffaire are committed to participation in the Sustainable Palm Oil City project.


Crêpeaffaire Menu

Not feeling the Nutella? We do a delicious range of sweet and savoury crepe, whatever you crave, any time of the day. See our full menu here:



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