Posted on October 3, 2018, by Christina Hajineocli
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We take allergies and intolerances seriously.

We want to make you aware of what we already do, as well as what we are going to do to improve the way we deal with allergens at Crêpeaffaire.

Our kitchens & allergens

All our stores use products with:

–        Cereals containing gluten, including wheat (e.g. regular crêpes, waffles, pastries),

–        peanuts (e.g. Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie recipe or Mexican Chicken recipe),

–        nuts and tree nuts (e.g. Nutella),

–        soy (e.g. regular crêpes, Nutella, Chocolate),

–        milk (e.g. regular crêpes, coffees),

–        eggs (e.g. regular crêpes, waffles, pastries),

–        fish (e.g. Eggs Royale recipe),

–        mustard (e.g. side salad dressing),

–        sesame (e.g. croissants),

–        sulphur dioxide/sulphites (e.g. Apple Crumble recipe),

–        and celery (e.g. Goat Deluxe recipe).

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We offer gluten free, vegan, buckwheat galettes as an alternative to our crepe mix, however please be aware that not all toppings & fillings are gluten free or vegan except where specified.

While we take a number of steps to minimise the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are 100% safe to consume for people with serious allergies. For example, we have processes to help keep our gluten and dairy products separate from our free-from offerings, but in a fast paced open kitchen, these products can be stored and made in close proximity to one another.

If you have a serious reaction to a certain allergen, it is incredibly important that you clearly inform the duty manager of the store you are dining in and that you make your own decision about whether you are able to manage any risk from allergens held and used on site in close proximity.


Getting more information


  • We have a Menu page on our website which gives a full list of allergens contained within the products sold. This can be accessed via a mobile, desktop, or via our mobile application.
  • We also have a downloadable PDF on our website listing nutrition & allergens for our main menu items. All staff will also have access to this sheet. Please note, if you add extra items to your order e.g. Nutella, the allergen information may change.
  • On our menu page, we have an allergen disclaimer.


Our stores

Allergen warnings & stickers

  • In order to alert and remind our customers that any of our products may contain nuts, we display an allergen warning sticker near the tills.
  • We have always ensured that our Nutella bottles are separately identified and have recently increased labelling – these now have  NUT warning stickers in order to prevent cross contamination.

Gluten Free Process

  • We ask in-store customers if they have a serious gluten allergy if they order a buckwheat galette. When this is identified, we will clean our hot plate prior to cooking this item, and ensure we use separate, gluten free utensils

Vegan Cheese Procedure

  • In order to prevent cross contamination with dairy items, our vegan cheese is contained in a dairy-free only container with a different coloured lid, and served using dairy-free only scoops

Milk alternatives

  • For non-dairy milk, we use a separate marked stainless steel jug. We clean the steam wand thoroughly before and after each use.

Menu Boards

  • We believe it is important to alert and remind our customers whenever we can, and so all our printed and digital menus at Crêpeaffaire contain the following disclaimer in relation to allergens contained within our food: “If you have any food allergies please speak to a member of staff”
  • We are looking into new ways to improve our allergen communications on our in-store menu boards.
  • We are also working with delivery partners on making allergen information more accessible via their channels.

 Our Team Members

  • Every Team Member receives training in our allergen & cross contamination procedures and policies.
  • Store teams have access to our allergen information. Please speak to a member of staff before ordering anything, if you have an allergy and let them know how severe this is.  We will never accept our Team Members guessing and neither should you. If you are in doubt that someone really knows, please don’t be afraid to check with the store’s Duty Manager.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, thoughts or just good advice. You can email us at