The 7 Common Myths of the Crêpe

1. A crêpe is just a sweet treat?

Everyone knows about sweet crêpes, but did you know that Crêpeaffaire bakes delicious savoury crêpes which make for a tasty lunch and a nice change from a sandwich.


2. A crêpe is not good for breakfast?


An ‘All Day Breakfast’ is a great way to start the day.

3. You cannot take away?


At Crêpeaffaire you can eat your crêpes on-the-go with our specially designed crêpe-cone. Take them back to your desk or for a stroll in the park in our handy take-away box, or relax and enjoy one here. The choice, as they say, is yours.

4. A crêpe is slow to make?

Not at Crêpeaffaire. Our special crêpe machine bakes the crêpes fresh, to perfection and quick every time, so there is no waiting around.

5. A crêpe is not wholesome?


Our crêpes are made fresh with organic flour, free-range eggs, and fresh ingredients.

6. A crêpe is not good for you?

A crêpe actually contains fewer calories and carbs than the equivalent sandwich.

7. A crêpe is not a full meal?


A delicious savoury crêpe with our fresh side salad makes for a hearty meal.